WCPD Mission Statement - PDF

Chief Parchman joined the Village of Walnut Creek Police Department in July of 2016.  Chief Parchman came to The Village from the Wayne County Sheriffs Department where he was a Detective. Chief Parchman has been a resident of Wayne County for 40 years, has been married to his wife, Charlotte for 33 years and has one son. 
Bryan has been with the Village of Walnut Police Department since July 2005. Upon retirement from the Air Force he joined the Goldsboro Police Department where he served for four years. Bryan’s father was in law enforcement and he has two brothers who are in law enforcement as well. He has two children and six grandchildren.

Started with Walnut Creek Police Department as an auxiliary officer in 2013.  As of July 1st 2017, Officer Wise is now a Full-time Police Officer.  Officer Wise brings unique and valuable attributes which make him well suited to the Village of Walnut Creek.  He is a Kinston native, spent 15 years in the US Army and has 20 years’ experience in law enforcement.  He has been a K-9 Officer, SWAT, Detective, Crime Scene Investigator, also a certified Taser Instructor, and NC Concealed Carry Instructor.  He is married and has three children.