Pursuant to 15 NCAC 2D.1099, the following rules are established in an effort to control Open Air Burning within the Village of Walnut Creek:

  1. Open air burning is restricted to Monday through Saturday only. Burning on Sundays and holidays is prohibited.
  2. Yard debris that originated on the property owners’ lot is the only material allowed to be burned. (No burning of stumps, lumber, garbage, synthetic material or branches over 6” in diameter is permitted).
  3. Burning may be initiated no earlier than 8:00 AM and no materials may be added after 6:00 PM.
  4. Burning may not create a “Nuisance” to other property owners.   Nuisance is defined as causing physical irritation exacerbating a documented medical condition (a copy of medical documentation must be on file in the Village office), visibility impairment, or evidence of soot or ash on property or structure other than the property on which the burning is done.
  5. Burning is restricted to locations within 100 feet of the residence in order to ensure availability of water to extinguish the fire in an  emergency.

Please remember: there are alternatives to open air burning such as composting yard waste, chipping tree limbs or hauling yard debris to the Compost Area.